• A photo of a chimpanzee hanging off a branch.

    People Evolved Puny Muscles

    Humans Evolved Weak Muscles to Feed Brain's Growth

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Science and Space Features

  • robitic-competition-vid.jpg

    Robots Battle Robots in World Championship

    Each spring, high school students from around the world gather for the FIRST Robotics Competition. It's an experience that can change kids’ lives.

  • A photo of the 2014 World Cup soccer ball

    Soccer Ball Physics

    With just six panels and a rough surface, the new Brazuca ball seems to move more predictably than previous World Cup balls.


  • Photo of an elderly woman.

    What Speeds Up Aging?

    A new study urges more work on "gerontogens," which speed up the aging process.


  • NASA Unveils Selfie of Earth From Space

    Get a closer look at the stunning mosaic that was created with tens of thousands of selfies taken by people from around the world.


  • Photo of the Cameloparilid meteor shower.

    Why the Meteor Shower Was a Bust

    The much hyped, never-before-seen Camelopardilid meteor storm last weekend turned out to be more of a cosmic trickle.


  • hot-pepper-990x632.jpg

    No Pain, No Aging

    Is the link between pain and aging due to the perception of pain itself?


Blog: StarStruck

  • Herschel-Space-Observatory.jpg

    Herschel Space Observatory Running On Empty

    After three years of scouring the universe for evidence of the most distant galaxies, the Herschel Space Observatory is running out of fuel.

  • 2009_MarIslands_Enewetak-blog.jpg

    Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse

    When the Moon slips between the Earth and Sun this week, Slovak astronomer Vojtech Rusin will be ready on a hotel balcony in Cairns, Australia to witness his 19th total solar eclipse.

  • Venus-Planetary-West-Map-blog.jpg

    A Grand Tour of the Universe

    Armchair astronomers this kind of atlas—a series of maps and charts that evokes the ability to navigate a place, usually by ship or some sort of vehicle, is for you. In this case all you need is imagination.

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How to Feed Our Growing Planet

  • hub_tease2.jpg

    Feed the World

    National Geographic explores how we can feed the growing population without overwhelming the planet in our food series.

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  • Explaining Stillbirth

    A new study on marmoset monkeys offers some hints about the causes of stillbirth.


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